10 perfect ways to lay out your living room

Our living rooms are our go-to comfy space, and we spend a lot of time there. We watch TV, entertain friends, have conversations, and spend a lot of time reading there. It is tricky to decide how to arrange this area. However, you can think of a lot of living room interior design.

Following are the ten perfect ways to lay out your living room-

  • Formal and balanced

It is the layout that is very modest and convenient at the same time- two small sofas facing each other and also a coffee table between them. A TV over the mantle can be very easily viewed from either sofa.

  • Casual and balanced

Similar to the above arrangement, this one also looks more relaxed. One can arrange the two matching chairs as they offer a different seating optionand the TV can be moved to one side of the fireplace. 

  • Lots of versatile seating

One can swing the sofa lengthwise to the room as it makes room for an open space facing the TV directly. One can move two armchairs to opposite corners, and they can be moved where needed. 

  • Go for a bespoke living room.

If you want to build a modern living room interior design from scratch, you can give it a contemporary look that can be successfully paired with a living room fireplace. 

  • Cozy up in a large living room space.

If the living room is large enough, one can also create multiple seating areas rather than one. This gives you the liberty to invite more guests over.

  • Direct the flow of traffic

You can pull the sofa away from the wall and use its back to create a hallway. Thus, the traffic is directed behind the seating area rather than through it. You can also use the site behind the sofa to add extra storage, such as a shelving unit.

  • Minimal and comfortable

Whether you want to keep your living space subtle or give it a bold look is up to you. When style and comfort are paramount, you can pare down the furniture. However, you should select it carefully.

  • Plan the living room layout around a key feature

You should design your layout around a focal point or a key design feature. Creating a pair of statement chairs and a one-of-a-kind sofa will do the trick. You can pull out one colour from the furniture fabric and use it as the wall paint for giving it a unified feel. Usually the coffee table is the main center of attraction. You can choose the coffee table that completely stands out.

  • Modern country casual

A country style design is the one that comprises a small table paired with two cozy armchairs. It allows you to play board games. You can also lounge around and read a book on the sofa.

  • Separate dining zone

By placing the sofa in the center of the room with its back to the dining area, you can create two separate spaces.



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