7 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Bintan, Riau Islands

Bintan, commonly referred to as the Bintan Archipelago, is the largest island in the Riau Archipelago is located close to Singapore and Johor Baru, Malaysia. The government of Bintan Regency is based in Bandar Sri Bintan. This city used to be a favorite place for Indian and Chinese merchant ships.

The breadth of the sea or beach area in this district makes Bintan Resort a mainstay destination for tourists. Its beautiful natural conditions are very suitable for relaxing and vacation to enjoy various interesting tourist activities. The following are seven recommended tourist attractions for those of you who want to vacation in Bintan:

Blue Lake

Blue Lake is a lake that emerged from sand mining activities. The land where the sand was dredged creates a basin, and eventually a lake with clean water is formed. This lake is a new tourist destination in Bintan because the government only inaugurated it in 2017.

Tourists can relax by the lake by doing sightseeing while chatting with relatives, partners, or friends. There are many food vendors near the lake. Facilities such as places of worship to public toilets are also available so that visitors feel comfortable. If you are bored, tourists can rent rafts, canoes, and ATVs to get around the lake.

Port of Bandar Bentan Telani

The next Bintan tourist spot is the Port of Bandar Bentan Telani which is still in the beautiful beach area in Bintan because this city has a series of beaches that are a pity to miss. The beauty of this place is like heaven on earth that makes us forget all the burdens we feel. This is because the location is on an island that connects with Tanah Merah Singapore, so getting to Tanah Merah only takes 1 hour.

The port is operated by Bintan Resort Ferries which provides up to 42 crossings per week. Crossing from here will provide an exciting and fun sensation, especially the charming sea view. In addition to enjoying the exotic sea views, we can also hunt for cool photo spots with beautiful sea and mountain views as the background.

Bukit Pasir Busung

Bukit Pasir Busung are located in Busung Village. Just like Blue Lake, this tourist destination was also formed due to sand mining activities. The difference is that mining activities are no longer active in Bukit Pasir Busung.

This hill has a view like the desert in the Middle East there. This view is unique because Bintan is famous for its blue beaches. To get there, it takes an hour’s journey from the city center.

Tourists should come during the dry season to get a beautiful view in the afternoon because the air and sun are not too hot. By looking for a good pose, you will get photos like in the desert.

Crystal Lagoon

Crystal Lagoon seems to be an unexpected treasure for Bintan. How come? The swimming pool located in Sebong Lagoi Bay is lined up as the largest swimming pool in Southeast Asia, with a swimming pool area of ​​up to 600 hectares. The pool water itself is filtered seawater.

Tourists must pay an entrance ticket of IDR 100,000. For those who like to swim, Crystal Lagoon is certainly a very pleasant destination. However, for those who are tired of swimming, here are also available for renting some water games such as Frisbee with a rental price of Rp. 20,000 per hour to jetovators which can be rented per 30 minutes at a price of Rp. 2,100,000.

White Sands Island

White Sands Island, also known as the Sand-Based Island, is located in Mangrove Bay. Visiting this island is like visiting a private island because the atmosphere is very quiet and indeed uninhabited.

Providing views of white sand with clear sea waters, this island is a must-visit when it comes to Bintan. Besides relaxing in peace, tourists can also enjoy snorkeling to see marine life there, do volleyball, and go camping.

Mangrove forest

Bintan is not only rich in marine tourism. On this island, there is also a mangrove forest which is soothing to the eyes. This forest, located in Sebong Lagoi, turns out to be the largest and most complete tobacco forest in Southeast Asia. To get around the forest, tourists can enjoy the forest with two alternatives. The first option is to walk along the available wooden bridge. The second option is to travel around the forest using boats that are widely rented there.

Along the way around the forest, tourists will be treated to the presence of various forest animals, such as monkeys, birds, to snakes. Take it easy, there is a guide who will explain about the forest so that tourists get a lot of knowledge during the tour.

Mount Bintan Waterfall

Besides having beautiful mangrove forests, Bintan also has a tourist destination in the form of waterfalls. It is located in Bekapur Village, Bintan Buyu Village, Teluk Bintan District. Its name is Gunung Bintan Waterfall. Tourists can enter here by paying a ticket for IDR 10,000.

To be able to enjoy the beautiful flow of the waterfall, tourists must walk as far as 300 meters from the vehicle parking location. Among the cliffs and lush trees, we will find a very beautiful oasis with the clarity and freshness of the water tempting anyone to immediately play in the water.

It turns out, Bintan does have a lot of wealth of tourist destinations, yes. Starting from the swimming pool to the soothing mangrove forest, this island has earned the largest tourist destination in Southeast Asia and makes Indonesia proud. Not surprisingly, Bintan gets a lot of visits from local and foreign tourists. However, don’t forget, while enjoying the tour, also keep the destination beautiful and well-maintained!

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