A Brief Guide on Prescribed Stimulants

Prescribed stimulants are typically helpful to treat narcolepsy, which causes involuntary deep sleep occurrences, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They boost energy, alertness, and focus. Increased dopamine and norepinephrine levels are how prescription stimulants operate. Dopamine has a connection to pleasure and reward. Norepinephrine has an impact on heart rate and blood pressure.

These medications, when used as directed, can improve focus and alertness. This drug can be quite beneficial for those who struggle with ADHD. Those who abuse stimulants may experience a euphoric surge. They might also feel more energized and alert than usual. Yet, stimulants can lead to addiction. You may grow accustomed to them over time. This implies you must consume more stimulants to experience their benefits.

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Is it Possible to Overdose Prescription Stimulants?

  • Using prescription stimulants in excess is possible. A drug overdose happens when a user consumes enough of the substance to cause a fatal reaction.
  • Uneasiness, trembling, hyperactive reflexes, quick breathing, disorientation, aggressiveness, hallucinations, panic moods, unusually high fever, muscle pains, and weakness are among the symptoms that people most frequently encounter when they overdose on prescription stimulants.
  • They might also experience cardiovascular failure, irregular blood pressure, an abnormal heartbeat that might cause a heart attack, and nerve issues that can cause a seizure. An upset stomach can include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and cramping.
  • Further, misuse of prescription stimulants can result in a substance use disorder, which in severe situations might take the form of addiction.
  • Even when taken as directed by a doctor, continued use of stimulants can lead to tolerance, which indicates that greater and/or more frequent dosages of the drug are required to produce the desired benefits.
  • Even over a short length of time, overuse of prescription stimulants frequently can result in psychosis, rage, or paranoia.

When used improperly, stimulants can be harmful. Knowing the risk factors is crucial, even with medication. Treatment from professionals may be helpful for you if you believe you are abusing stimulants.

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