Best Broome Tours: A Guide to This Australian Charm

Disconnecting to recharge is one of the most delicate things you can sometimes do for your well-being, particularly whether you’re a busy college student working an after-hours job or a younger skilled professional with 12-hour shifts. If so, it’s time to take Broome tours unlike any you’ve ever experienced. Fly excursions, cruises, driving tours, Indigenous cultural tours, fishing tours, and day outings are all available to you to get recharged.

There are many exciting locations to explore in Broome, and many proud people are eager to show you around. You will visit all the hidden places and enjoy the most fantastic vacation possible with the help of a tour guide. The most exciting and fun Broome tours are listed below.

What Are The Best Spots In Broome?

Throughout Broome, there are several excursions you may do, such as camel riding, boating cruises, scenic flights, birdwatching, cultural activities, and longer journeys. Here are some activities you can do that will cost you nothing or very little.

1. Cable Beach

Cable Beach, located in Western Australia, is well-known for its coastlines of fine white sand that border the clear seas of the Indian Ocean. You can do only so many things on a shore, but Cable Beach won’t let you down. Take a peek at these must-see attractions for your next trip!

● Sunset Cruise Broome

Indulge in one of Broome’s breathtaking sunsets while taking a boat down either Cable Beach’s gorgeous beachfront. Swim in the boom net, take advantage of the complementary light canapés, and unwind with a drink from a well-stocked bar.

● 4WD Beach Sunset

A portion of Cable Beach is open to 4WDs. It’s down there where the camels wander, so be careful and watch children playing nearby. Bring a glass of wine, a fishing pole, and a picnic lunch to enjoy this enchanted occasion.

● Sunset Camel Rides

Reservations for a camel ride around the expansive beachfront at dawn and sunset are accepted at tourism offices along the beach. The camel rides and the shifting hues of the heavens and sea as they reflect off the sand are both magical.

● Gantheaume Point

The narrative panels at Gantheaume Point give a fantastic overview of the many kinds of dinosaurs, and the location has both copies and actual footprints. You can also walk alongside these dinosaurs. This is the perfect spot for photographers out there.

2. Broome Town

The little Australian town of Broome is considered by the tourist industry to be the prime location in the Kimberley area and is thus where you should base yourself if you want to go to the Kimberleys.

● Chinatown, Broome

Chinatown is an intriguing mash-up of colourful Asian buildings adjacent to colonial and corrugated structures. In each design, there are a lot of fascinating tales to be told. To help you navigate Chinatown’s narrow streets, pick up a map at the Visitors Center.

● Town Beach, Broome

Avoid being distracted by Sunset Cruise Broome’s glitz and spend some time at Town Beach. The Cable cannot compare to how beautiful it is when those colours emerge. At high tide, the blue water shimmers with the red ground and rich green vegetation.

● Sun Pictures, Broome

The oldest continuously running open-air display gardens are Sun Pictures. Expect nothing flashy here; instead, enjoy watching the big screen while lounging on some lounge chairs or on the lush lawn of a tropical garden.

● Japanese Cemetery

The history of Broome is very intriguing. Despite being bombed by the Japanese during World War II, they played a significant role in creating the pearling business in Broome. Over 900 Japanese pearl fishermen are buried at the most famous Japanese cemetery near Broome.

The Four Broome Tours You Can Take

In addition to being a breathtakingly gorgeous location, Broome has a lengthy cultural past. Take a boat excursion to see animals, and discover the past of pearling and how the business functions now.

Take these following tours when you visit Broome.

1. Broome Whale Tour

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see these spectacular aquatic creatures from the comfort of a catamaran. Be astounded when these inquisitive creatures approach the boat quite closely. You will discover all there is to know about the creatures and their crucial role in ecology while visiting the humpback whale home in Broome Tours.

2. Yawuru Walking Tour

By taking a guided tour with Narlijia Adventures, you can see Broome through the eyes of the Yawuru, the native people of the region and the ancient proprietors of the lands and seas. Learn about the town’s heritage and the significance of the nearby area to the Yawuru tribe.

3. Pearl Farm Tour at Willie Creek

Visit Willie Creek Pearl Farm, as the pearling business is what gave Broome its foundation. You may read more about pearl farming here. Enjoy a boat trip through the azure waters of Willie Creek while learning about mussels and the lovely pearls they produce.

4. Boat Tour Cruise

Set off from Broome on a Kimberley cruise boat trip. From the luxury of a cruise ship, see stunning waterfalls, crimson mountains, and gigantic plants. Watch out for the numerous bird species that call this place home, and for a memorable experience, try to find dolphins or whales.


Broome is one of the top destinations in Western Australia for a distinctive and laid-back vacation. Where the desert meets the sea in this lovely town, there are activities to satisfy every taste. You can find beautiful beaches in Broome, including the well-known Cable Beach and the Sunset Cruise Broome, which offers fantastic ocean views. Broome is a laid-back location with pleasant weather all year round that provides the chance for numerous exciting adventures when you arrange for Broome Tours.

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