Explore the scenic beauty of the rooms at W Goa with pleasure!

Marriott Bonvoy’s Hotel W. Goa is a party hotel chain. The place is considered as the best Goa’s quintessential glitz and glam destination. This is the place to go if you want to listen to electronic music while getting excellent service.

It is about reviewing a relatively new addition to the hotel pool in this Indian beach state. The COVID lockdown was becoming increasingly claustrophobic. I needed to go out of the house, breathe some fresh air, soak up some sun, and lie on a beach.

  • Travelling is a great to explore them better

Traveling during COVID required taking extra precautions and care in how we handled ourselves and protected others around us. As a result, we set out on a journey to discover the safest space while remaining as near to nature as possible.

The restrooms are enormous in W.Goa. It is almost as big as the master bedroom. Some individuals are drawn to large restrooms. If they are well-designed, they will end up remaining inside.

It was one of the nicer hotel bathrooms you might have seen until now with enormous mirrors and a sitting space in the centre. Furthermore, the toiletries given were of good quality.

They also have a large bathtub with a built-in television for those who are too lazy to get out of bed. You can get some bath salts and relax for a few hours with a glass of wine (or two!) if you want to decompress in the afternoon.

The room has a colossal bed. Like, obscenely large. To be honest, it’s about the same size as my Mumbai bedroom. To be honest, I was a little nervous about the room.

People hope it wouldn’t be too blingy and noisy. That, however, was not the case at all. It had a Goan charm to it and was perfectly ideal for the design and decor. Hiring a great hotel in W. Goa with your partner and friends.

The porch area was another favourite element of the room of mine. It was fairly large. The porch space is limited, experts recommend choosing the ground level room.

The COVID safety precautions were spot on. From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out, I didn’t feel in the least bit insecure. Everything about the facility appeared to be comfortable, from the automatic hand sanitizer dispensers to the masks.

How are the amenities of the accommodation?

In fact, if you don’t want to touch anything that can change hands several times, you can get rid of your hotel card keys. The Marriott Bonvoy App is used to gain entry to your accommodation.

You can use Bluetooth to open and close the doors of your hotel room. This, on the other hand, we found to be a touch clumsy. It didn’t work for me the most of the time, and we became frustrated.

On the other side, we have seen Instagram stories where this was done flawlessly by a variety of folks. Sanitation kits with hand sanitizers and masks were available inside the room. They’ve also got rid of the in-room entertainment system.

The hotel also boasts a convention centre, which we believe would be ideal for a vacation wedding. The hotel is large, and there is enough to see and do on the premises.

Many items were limited as a result of COVID. We didn’t have access to the pool. The hotel offers a spa (which is excellent, but we didn’t use it). They also feature a fitness centre where you may work out with trainers.

People used the business centre to make one of their planned calls. After making a request, we was given the full conference room to myself. They didn’t charge me anything for this, and they appreciate that.

Aside from the standard facilities, they host a variety of events and activities for guests, like a wine tasting session, a personalized photographer by the hour, and even morning yoga sessions.

They also provide a bespoke culinary experience in which the chef prepares a meal for you in the privacy of your own villa! W Goa has remained these opulent pleasures.

W Goa features isolated settings surrounded by breathtaking scenery, tinted by golden hues of sunshine, and is located at Vagator Beach, directly adjacent to Chappora Fort (fort from “Dil Chahta Hai”).

As fantastic art and music unfold around the gorgeously planted grounds, relax in vivaciously designed private seaside rooms or indulge in tantalizing meals.

  • Abides the COVID rules

Contemplate the idea that, despite being only minutes from wherever you need to be, you are exactly where you should be. One of the finest aspects of this house is that it is only a short walk to Vagator Beach. We also got the beach one evening because of COVID.

The hotel also boasts a convention centre, which I believe would be ideal for a vacation wedding. Hiring a great hotel in W. Goa will be a great pleasure to enjoy the days well.

From sunrise to dusk, indulge in delectable cuisine and beverages that combine fresh local ingredients with cosmopolitan flavours. Just a step away is an escape within an escape, where you can enjoyably detox after the after-party. Couple therapy given here is fantastic, and the oils they use are incredible.

In the mornings, they serve a huge buffet spread, one of the best we would say, with a good selection of continental foods. Energize yourself for the day by sampling both well-known classics and innovative interpretations of favourite dishes.

A stroll along the dark sands of Vagator Beach will provide you with limitless sea views and fresh maritime breezes. This hidden stretch of the legendary beach is lined in lush flora, including coconut palms, and the azure seas of the Arabian Sea. It combines jagged black lava rocks with stunning red cliffs and calm bays.

  • Concluding lines-

The Spice Market restaurant and Rock Pool are just steps away from the public beach access. Relax in a tropical paradise surrounded by stunning red cliffs, soft, virgin sands, coconut trees, and panoramic views in every direction as you relax by the Arabian Sea.

While relaxing in opulent amenities at W Goa, you will discover gorgeous and quiet beaches, colourful fishing settlements, and electrifying performances and nightlife. Life would experience a much better experience than anything else.

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