The Most Relaxing Parks in San Antonio

The best part of any city is the beautiful greenery that spindles between the countless buildings.  In some areas, it comes out thicker, and these parks are the best place to stop and catch your breath in the middle of a busy week.

If you’re in San Antonio and need a moment to step back, these are the most relaxing parks in town! 

Comanche Lookout Park

Although this lookout park was once where indigenous people would use the land as an advantage point for war or hunting, it’s now one of the most peaceful places in the city.  The gorgeous open skyline, the incredible greenery, and the elevation being over a thousand feet high have turned this into a dream come true for almost anyone.

In the 1920s, a retired army colonel built a faux-medieval style stone tower, and although it was never used in battle (and nobody’s ever died in it), it’s surrounded by folksy ghost stories.

Mercado O’liva

In the center of a courtyard at the Plaza de Armas in San Antonio, this family-friendly park is a great space where tourists and locals alike can gather and talk, exchange goods, or simply bask in the sunlight on the greenest grass in town.  

This market goes on every weekend in the summer, and a little way into the fall and is one of the best ways to feel like you’re a part of your community.  Although it can get crowded at times, this just makes the area a little more exciting.

Brackenridge Park

When you need some peace and quiet after a long day of looking for houses for rent in San Antonio, it’s time to head to Brackenridge Park!  Just below the headwaters of the San Antonio River, not too far from downtown, this park has been a gathering spot for over 11,000 years.

This centrally located park was once where people would meet to trade, and now it’s a place for relaxation and friendship.  Although it can feel empty on the weekdays, on weekends, it’s full of life and excitement.

Conception Park

This is the smallest park on this list, just south of downtown.  If you want to go sightseeing and spend some time outside exploring an interesting 18th-century missionary, it’s time to head to Conception Park!

This building looks the full 300 years old it is, but it’s an excellent walk through history you can’t get anywhere else in the country.

Woodlawn Lake Park

This is one of the few lakes in San Antonio, and the city is proud of it!  Here you can canoe, fish, and enjoy gorgeous waterside views year-round.  Although this lake isn’t huge compared to most others in the country, it’s fantastic for San Antonio.

There’s Nothing Like Good Relaxation! 

Stopping and taking a break is important!  Not only does it give you a chance to escape from the rush and stress of life, but you also get a moment to appreciate all of the natural beauty that can still fit into that lifestyle.

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