What You Should Know About Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

After staring at their image in a mirror, many people may desire their nose to look different, potentially through a nose job. People go in for a non-surgical nose job for various reasons, and the common one is fear of going under the knife.

“It is not unusual to come in contact with people who are not satisfied with the shape of their nose and would opt for a procedure to change that,” says Dr. Sacha Obaid of North Texas Plastic Surgery. According to reports by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 220,000 people undergo reconstruction procedures in the United States yearly. A large number of the procedures are non-surgical, reflecting the growing popularity.

The non-surgical method involves using dermal fillers that can change the shape of the nose, giving the patient more confidence in their facial appearance. The procedure is non-invasive, quick, and has a very short recovery time.

What is a Non-surgical Nose Job?

One significant fact that defines a non-surgical nose job is that it involves the use of dermal fillers to reshape the contours of the nose. As soon as the patient gets an appointment with the doctor, the procedure will be done in a doctor’s chair in a matter of minutes. The plastic surgeon administers anesthesia to ensure you don’t feel pain.

What Can Non-Surgical Nose Jobs Do?

While it may be easier to hide blemished skin, it is usually challenging to cover up any problem with the nose. The nose is a very obvious part of the body and can affect your entire face. However, a non-surgical nose job can give you a good fix.

A professional doctor can use dermal fillers to make the nose look thinner, lift the tip of the nose, or even make a hooked nose appear straighter. Any improvements to the patient’s nose can ultimately boost their confidence and make them happier.

What If You Hate the Results of a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

It’s understandable to feel scared when deciding to go in for a nose job. What if you hate the results after the procedure? One of the benefits of a non-surgical nose job over surgery is that it can be reversed.

Unsatisfied with your look? No need to worry. With the help of a particular enzyme that dissolves the filler, a doctor can undo the nose job and return the nose to its original form.

The right aesthetic doctor will ensure that their patients understand the treatment and all it entails before commencing. Having a clear understanding of what the procedure can achieve will help the patient set realistic expectations.

Is a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Safe?

Cosmetic surgeries, including a traditional surgical nose job, can be highly risky due to the very invasive nature of the procedure. The question would be, does a non-surgical nose job come without risks?

A non-surgical nose job is quite different because it is a less invasive procedure. It does not require any general anesthetic and is an exceptionally safe procedure. However, there are still risks associated with this type of procedure.

The doctor may want to cut through the skin and chisel the bone during a surgical nose job to give it a new shape. On the other hand, a non-surgical nose job requires the use of dermal filler to smooth, shape, or change the look of your nose, without surgical intervention.

Like wrinkle removal treatments and lip enhancements, a non-surgical nose job uses FDA-approved dermal fillers. There could be various risks when carrying out this procedure, but a qualified cosmetic doctor can do a safe and effective non-surgical nose job.

Does a Non-Surgical Nose Job Hurt?

Some patients may wonder if the non-surgical nose job is painful, seeing that it is a minimally invasive surgery. A treatment may not be completely pain-free, but it is more comfortable and less painful than a surgical nose job. The fillers used for the procedure contain a local anesthetic that helps to relieve pain.

In the aftermath, they might experience a mild pinching sensation like when a needle pierces the skin. But fortunately, most people find the treatment more tolerable and less painful than a typical rhinoplasty/

How Long is the Procedure and Recovery Process?

The non-surgical procedure usually takes 15 minutes, making it easier for patients to squeeze it into their busy schedules. Additionally, there will not be any need for patients to take a long time to recover.

One beautiful thing about the non-surgical nose job is that there is no room for prolonged recovery time. Patients do not need to be afraid of the aftermath symptoms of a non-surgical nose job, as it is usually mild and subsides in a few days. The results will last for a few months or longer with professional appointments, making it the perfect non-surgical solution you desire.

How to Choose a Good Non-Surgical Nose Job Clinic

When it comes to getting the right aesthetic procedures, patients must choose a reputable clinic that will offer good results for their dermal nose job. A non-surgical nose job is a bit more complicated than just injecting filler. Patients need a doctor with experience and skills to know what it will take to get the specific nose type.

The doctor should have an in-depth understanding of the various fillers that will best suit your type of need. They must know how to handle the actual procedure, ensuring that you get the best results. Be sure they are also qualified and insured to keep you safe and give you peace of mind.

Bottom Line

Non-surgical nose jobs are a great way to give patients the nose of their choice and improve their confidence in their appearance. It is also safe, affordable, and can help you get the job done well without going under the knife!

If you want to undergo an excellent non-surgical nose job, you have to get in touch with a professional surgeon. They can provide advice on the next step to take.

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